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Milfor Steel s.r.o.
We deliver ?

Sheets, plates, beams ...

Our warehouse offers mainly this metallurgical material:

- Carbon steel sheets and plates

- Galvanized steel sheets and coils - production USS Košice

- Heavy plates (boiler plates, high up-solidity plates)

- Profiled and iron sections

- Flat steel and wide flat steel

- Nonskid plates - teardrop plates, milled plates

The target of the company is a perfect servis connected with a realization of the order. The goods is offered to the customer from the stock as soon as possible, eventually a term of delivery is specified from some service center in the country of EU or directly from a production concerns. The product line of the goods is specified on our web sites where you can find concrete specification of a product quality and sizes. Matter of course is a provision of transport to the customer´s destination place and provision of another customer´s requests (an independent acceptance, a nondestructive test by ultrasound).

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